Stem cells are the raw materials from which the body human body is built. They are the primary cells which differentiate and divide to become different body cells, tissues and organs.

The human body has adult stem cells throughout its life time. They are responsible for repair and healing of injuries and restoration of healthy function of the body cells and organs. Research has determined that the human body started out with 6 to 7 trillion stem cells. However, as we age, the cells gradually reduce in population, become weak and slow in action. These manifest as the emergence of various diseases, some of them chronic and physical aging with wrinkled skin and face.

Stem cells derive their power from the incredible and amazing ability to transform into any tissue in the body. This ability and power makes it possible for a stem cell therapy to be used effectively to treat any disease conditions whatsoever.
Research has confirmed that multiplication of the adult stem cells would lead to elimination of diseases. The more the population of stem cells in the body, the healthier the individual.

What AG CERA, essentially a natural stem cell supplement does is to activate, wake up and energize the weak and slowly acting adult stem cells. Not only that it boost their population up, making them to proliferate and increase in number, it also strengthen and energize the cells. The product is so potent that in some cases, result is seen within the first few days of taking the product. There are testimonies everywhere from people being set free from various chronic health conditions for the first time in several years after taking the product.

It is not surprising as AG CERA will work for any disease.
AG CERA …the future is here now!

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